Solution for destination management company (DMC)

Accommodation, activities, rent-a-car and transfers

Enhance your business and make your offer look professional by uploading different travel products like accommodation, activities, transfers and cars. Let your passengers choose their dream vacation and be a part of their wonderful experience.

Price lists for groups

Getting different net prices depending on the size of the group is standard procedure. iTravel supports group prices as much as wanted and needed.

Sell B2C or B2B groups

It doesn't matter if you're working with end-customers or travel agents; The system gives you the option to sell your created groups in both ways. You can automatically sell your B2C group on your website.

Group travel net price calculation

When managing a large group of people, it's easy to get lost in the costs when your system doesn't have an overview. iTravel system summarizes all items of a group calculation and shows the net price. You have the option to round the selling price or add a margin.

Itinerary creation

A travel itinerary is a key component of staying organized and being able to maximize your customer’s vacation time. Increase conversions by creating beautiful travel itinerary documents with previously loaded travel products descriptions and photos. Add on the fly descriptions for ad-hoc entered travel products.

Different prices for different group sizes

When creating the calculation for a group trip, you can define different net and selling prices depending on the group size.

Rooming and transfer lists

Important responsibility of your organization is to make sure that people traveling with your company and crew will have a place to stay. This feature allows users to quickly and easily create and email rooming and transfer lists.

Report reservations to suppliers

Create supplier inquiries to check travel product availability at your suppliers. Create instant confirmations and let suppliers know when the passengers are coming. Send the confirmations directly from the system and save time.

Travel agent sale reports

Improve cooperation with your travel agents by checking your bestselling travel agents and offer them better commissions.

Supplier invoices and group profit overview

See amount of money you are actual earning after the supplier invoices you. With the system you can see your predefined margin and real margin. Check your supplier invoices and avoid mistakes on time. It is also possible to see which groups (and destinations) are the most profitable ones.

Security roles and user access rights

With creating security roles, it is possible to define different security levels. Assign employees to different security roles and forbid access to sensitive data if needed. You can also manage visibility of important information.

Accounts receivable and payable

You have the option to check outstanding balance with your customers and suppliers. Report can also include confirmed bookings that are still not invoiced, so that you can get a better overview of future claims.

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