Solution for MICE travel companies

Meetings, conferences and events

With our system you can create a meeting, conference or event in just a few steps. You can add participants through the back office or online booking.

Accommodation, activities, rent-a-car and transfers

Enhance your business and make your offer look professional by uploading different travel products like accommodation, activities, transfers and cars. Conference visitors can easily book a place to stay, transfer from airport to their hotel or any additional activity nearby.

Travel product's allocations and availability

Stay on track with your allocations and easily change the amount of available units at any time. You can also declare stop booking for a unit in a certain period – disabling it from being booked in the specified period. Track available units on the availability calendar and see the number of bookings on certain dates.

Online registration

Integrate any conference web site with our booking engine and offer online participant registration. Participants can book conference fees, extra services like accommodation, activities, etc.

Group online registration

Instead of sending Excel files to corporate companies, you can send them the online registration form where they can fill out participant details, desired fees and accommodation for the entire group.

Early bid and special offers

Creating early bid actions and special offer promotions for customers and potential customers can increase your travel product sale. There are no limits to the number of promotions you can create.

Multiple payers on a reservation

On a reservation, multiple payers can be added and different amounts can be assigned to a single payer. Documents can also be created for each customer that is defined as a payer. Another words: each payer can get his own offer or invoice, etc.

Coupon codes and promotions

Creating coupon codes and discounts promotions for customers and potential customers can increase your travel product sale. There are no limits to the number of discount codes and promotions you can create.

Travel documents creation and mailing

iTravel supports various types of documents that can be generated in PDF format and emailed from within the system: Offers, Vouchers, Itineraries, Pro-forma invoices, Invoices, Calculations, Provision invoices, Contracts, Advanced payment invoices, Supplier invoices, Supplier inquiries and Supplier confirmations.

Participant's lists

Use conference report tools so that you can manage and export the participant list (word or excel) and send it to your suppliers.

Rooming and transfer lists

Important responsibility of your organization is to make sure that people traveling with your company and crew will have a place to stay. This feature allows users to quickly and easily create and email rooming and transfer lists.

Report reservations to suppliers

Create supplier inquiries to check travel product availability at your suppliers. Create instant confirmations and let suppliers know when the passengers are coming. Send the confirmations directly from the system and save time.

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