Solution for online travel agency (OTA)

Accommodation, Tours, Activities, Rent-a-car and Transfers

Enhance your business and make your offer look professional by uploading different travel products like accommodation, activities, transfers and cars. Let your passengers choose their dream vacation and be a part of their wonderful experience.

Special offers and child prices

Managing child rates is complicated, but can be simple when using iTravel. Giving customers child discount or special offer discount is good for marketing, that's why it's possible to define last minute prices, early booking discounts, free nights and coupon codes.

Travel product's allocations and availability

Stay on track with your allocations and easily change the amount of available units at any time. You can also declare stop booking for a unit in a certain period – disabling it from being booked in the specified period. Track available units on the availability calendar and see the number of bookings on certain dates.

Travel products descriptions

Beautiful and quality descriptions, photos and attributes are very important for customers. This information gives them extra value from your agency and helps them find desired travel products.

Advanced web product search

Help your website visitors to find ideal accommodation or travel package by providing them with advanced searching options. Your visitors can search by destination, price range, stars, distance from the sea, travel product name and many other parameters.

Google map search

iTravel is integrated with Google Maps and it helps your website visitors do map search and find desired travel products much easier.

SEO support

iTravel is fully SEO optimized and it allows you to put key words, URL, titles, descriptions. This gives you the possibility to achieve better ranking on Google and other search engines.

Multiple language and currency website

Your travel products data can be entered in multiple languages so that you can create multi-lingual website and reach as many customers as possible. Define also different currencies and show all prices according to your website visitors' choice.

Online booking B2C and credit card payment

Increase current sales by publishing your travel products online and sell them to B2C customers. iTravel online booking engine supports multiple languages, currencies, photos, descriptions, allocations and multiple payment methods.

Online booking B2B and login area

Create as many users as you want for travel agents, which helps you both to book faster, download documents without wasting time for calling or e-mailing, and staying always on track. Allow your travel agents to login to your B2B admin interface to check the history of reservation, previous payments or to download all documents needed.

Automatic travel documents creation

Documents are automatically created when online booking is made, so you don't have to create needed documents from the back office. Customer can get invoice, voucher and payment confirmation.

Integration with 3rd party providers

The best way to be competitive is having best possible rates on a worldwide range of high quality transfer services, car hire, attraction tickets and excursions. Not only combining different sources into a unique travel experience is the guarantee of your service, but saving money and time by extracting top value from 3rd party systems.

Dynamic packaging

Customers can decide and create their customized dream vacation combining different travel products from your offer. You can have dynamic packaging on your web site which enhances your travel business.

Coupon codes and promotions

Creating coupon codes and discounts promotions for customers and potential customers can increase your travel product sale. There are no limits to the number of discount codes and promotions you can create.

API and XML travel product distribution

Use iTravel API so that your travel products can be visible and searchable in your travel agents' websites or to allow travel agents to search and book your travel products through their back-office solutions.

Online booking sale reports

Check profitability of your online booking so that you can make better decisions and plan companies future actions. Check the number of online bookings per each travel product to find out most profitable ones.

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