Solution for outgoing tour operators

Accommodation, charter tours and transfers

Enhance your business and make your offer look professional by uploading different travel products like accommodation, charter tours and transfers. Let your passengers choose their dream vacation and be a part of their wonderful experience.

Create a tour by using travel products from the database

Hotels from the database can be added to a charter tour with just a few mouse clicks. The system takes predefined prices, seasons and children prices into consideration, so manual work can be avoided. You can select rooms you want to connect and sell in a tour, letting your customers choose the services they want to have.

Link tour with charter flight/bus

Your charter flight/bus can be added to a charter tour and connected to an accommodation with just a few mouse clicks. Create multiple charter flight/bus departures and share them among different tours.

Travel product's allocations and availability

Stay on track with your allocations and easily change the amount of available units at any time. You can also declare stop booking for a unit in a certain period – disabling it from being booked in the specified period. Track available units on the availability calendar and see the number of bookings on certain dates.

Track available charter flight/bus seats

Use different reports to track available charter flight/bus seats and use this information to make your sales more efficient.

Special offers and child prices

Managing child rates is complicated, but can be simple when using iTravel. Giving customers child discount or special offer discount is good for marketing, that's why it's possible to define last minute prices, early booking discounts, free nights and coupon codes.

Offline B2C and B2B sales

Use iTravel system to manage your B2B and B2C offline sales. Create and manage phone call or direct visit reservations and track customer bank or cash payments.

Online B2B and B2C booking

Increase current sales by publishing your travel products online and sell them to B2B and B2C customers. iTravel online booking engine supports multiple languages, currencies, photos, descriptions, allocations and multiple payment methods.

Advanced payments to suppliers

It is possible to post a payment when you pay to the supplier in advance. No need to link payment to each reservation. Use supplier balance reports to check your financial status with each supplier.

Multiple branch offices support

If you have multiple branch offices in your travel company, you can load those offices to the iTravel. This option can help you to track their success and see which branch office is bringing you most profit.

Travel agents commission rules

Set up travel agents with different commissions and pricing policies. Let them buy from you at specific market price. Add a single travel agent to more markets. The best price will be given to the agent.

Travel agents advanced payments

If you're working with your travel agents on an advance payment basis, you can enter those payments to a specific travel agent without the need to link payment to specific reservations.

Travel agents sale reports

Improve cooperation with your travel agents by checking your bestselling travel agents and offer them better commissions.

Security roles and user access rights

Create as many different security groups as you want to support your company’s security policy. Each employee can be assigned to a different security group so that you can forbid some employees from seeing or performing certain actions.

Business segmentation

Get your work organised and more efficient by creating departments. Creating different departments can help you track profitability of each segment of your travel company and gain a better overview of your travel business so that you can make actions or corrections needed.

Cashier reports

The possibility to display all transactions you want and to export them is good for your business overview. You can filter it with dates, branch offices, currencies or payment methods which give you the possibility to create appropriate cashier report.

Additional services usage reports

With additional services usage report, it's easy to see which passengers are using which service, order those services from suppliers and manage your customer’s vacation without any problems.

Rooming, Flight/Bus and transfer lists

Important responsibility of your organization is to make sure that people traveling with your company and crew will have a place to stay. This feature allows users to quickly and easily create and email rooming, flight/bus and transfer lists.

Accounts receivable and payable

You have the option to check outstanding balance with your customers and suppliers. Report can also include confirmed bookings that are still not invoiced, so that you can get a better overview of future claims.

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