Travel Automation Software

Are you or your employees losing valuable time doing repetitive everyday tasks?

iTravel software helps you automate your everyday activities and processes so you can work more efficiently and spend more time focusing on the things that matter.

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What can iTravel automate?

  • Supplier inquiries and confirmations

    As soon as you create a new reservation you can generate a supplier inquiry for any travel product on the reservation. Inquiries use a basic template which is modified depending on the options you select.

    Once a client accepts the offer, supplier confirmation is created and sent in the same way.

  • Client options/offers

    Once your suppliers confirm the vacancies of their travel products you can send your clients an automated offer. An offer lists all the services and specifications along with the prices.

    Again, this is created from a template and you can select various options before creation.

  • Invoicing and payment tracking

    Maybe the biggest time saver our system offers. Once you create a reservation you can easily create all the related invoices, be it to clients or your suppliers. All the payments are tracked in the system so you can check your balance at any time.

  • Reporting

    Nice thing about centralised data is that it's all at your fingertips all the time. Our reporting module gives you access to various reports which are compiled automatically, so you spend less time typing data into Excel and more time actually analyzing it.

  • Email communication

    A big part of your your activities involves communicating with clients, partners, and suppliers. You can send your offers, invoices, inquiries etc. directly from iTravel interface.

    This way all your emails are connected with the coresponding documents and clients so it's easy to track the communication

  • Travel product pricing calculations

    Once you define the price lists for your travel products in iTravel you never have to worry with calculating the actual prices for your clients or partner – the system will do everything else by itself. This saves most travel businesses a lot of time.

If you'd like to know more about the specifics of iTravel software and how it can improve your business, feel free to schedule a quick presentation and we'll show you everything you want to know.

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