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Travel costs tend to be the second highest expenses for most companies, so they are often outsourced to a specialist travel agency.

If you handle the business travel needs of your partners, you need to be efficient, connected and organised – iTravel solution for corporate travel lets you do exactly that.

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With iTravel you can...

  • Get the best prices for your travelers

    You probably already have suppliers which give you discounts for your travelers, but to go the extra length iTravel lets you connect to 3rd party systems like gta, hotelbeds, Miki, etc. as well as import flight tickets from Amadeus and Galileo systems. This way you can cross refrence all the available offers and always get the best prices possible.

  • Make informed decisions with powerful reporting

    iTravels reporting module gives you a deep insight into every area of your business travel activities. You can see which suppliers services you've been using the most, the most common destinations your passengers travel to, which passengers are travelling the most, expenses per services, and a lot more.

    Armed with these insights you'll be able to make more informed decisions in the future and further improve your operations.

  • Manage your outstanding balance

    You can see the amounts you are owed by your corporate partners and customers, all the invoices you issued, and all the payments that were made per those invoices. Other than giving you your current outstanding balance with your customers, you can use this data to check their payment dynamic and base your future cooperation on it.

    You can also check your suppliers' invoices, your payments to them, the current outstanding balance, but also the expected future balance based on confirmed booking which are not yet invoices.

  • Allow your corporate customers to book online

    You can define a special protected access to the iTravel interface for your corporate clients. This gives them the ability to search through your offers, check through their reservation and payment history, download any needed documents or to book offers directly without having to contact you on the phone or via email.

    This access is limited only to their own customer records, which means they can't see any of your own business details.

If you'd like to know more about the specifics of iTravel software and how it can improve your business, feel free to schedule a quick presentation and we'll show you everything you want to know.

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    Import from Amadeus or Galileo

    Since you're probably already buying your air tickets from a GDS, it's nice that you can seamlessly import them in iTravel.

  • Data import

    Data import

    Transitioning from another travel system or Excel is made easier because you can easily import your business data to iTravel.