Accommodation and Vessels

Enhance your offer and sell different types of accommodation

Enhance your business and make your offer look professional by entering different accommodation types. Let your passengers choose their dream vacation in an apartment, villa, hotel, hostel, small hotel or a vacation house.


Define prices for single and double usage

After defining the basic service of the room, iTravel gives you the option to define different prices for one person (single use), or two persons staying in it (double use). Different tools for mathematical operations are also available, which make it easier for you to calculate the prices saving your time and avoiding manual work.

Enter short and long stays while avoiding manual actions

When defining single or double use (or both), you can define pricing for different stay durations in a room. When hotels give you 10% discount for staying 14 nights or 10% higher price for staying shorter than 3 days, simply copy the price list row and automatically calculate the prices by using the tool box.

Enter prices for each day of the week and choose the start day

The system supports cases that are common in business travel, where accommodation objects have different prices for each day of the week (e.g. a higher price on weekends). If you are managing Leisure Travel and have cases where it's not allowed to check-in every day of the week (e.g. only on Saturday), you can manage the prices the way you want to and make them competitive.

Make combinations for dynamic room capacity

The flexibility of the system gives you a management model based on dynamic room capacity to provide an efficient decision support tool for room revenue maximization. With the help of different rules and cases, you are able to define all situations a room can have (3 adults only or 2 adults + 2 children, etc.).

Round your prices and make them look preferable

Rounding prices is one of the oldest tricks. Our system gives you the tools you need to make the price rounding occur automatically, on every room you have in an object. Just choose if you want to round the prices to the higher, lower or closer value, and make your prices look desirable to your customers and partners.

Add accurate child rates and avoid mistakes

Children rates can be stated as a specific price amount, discount amount or even discount percentage. When adding these prices, you have the ability to define parameters for each child rate (e.g. which room this price is valid for, with whom the child needs to be in order to get the child rate, etc.), which helps you to be precise and avoid mistakes.

Enter additional services and supplement rates

Add additional services that can be mandatory or optional. Define their prices as fixed amounts or percentages of the basic service price. You can also issue a separate voucher for each additional service or supplement by defining the supplier for that service.

Export price lists

Export created price lists for accommodation objects you want by clicking one button. The list can be downloaded as a Word or Excel file. Use this information to enhance communication with travel agents, customers or employees themselves.

Enter more price lists to sell products now and in the future

Start entering rates for the upcoming year (that you received from the supplier), but also keep the current prices as valid. You can set up different pricing plans for the different seasons.

Stay on track with availability and stop booking dates

Stay on track with your allocations and easily change the amount of available units at any time. You can also declare stop booking for a unit in a certain period – disabling it from being booked in the specified period. Track available units on the availability calendar, see the number of bookings on certain dates.

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