Financial management

Tracking payments

Tracking payments has never been easier. Generate reports of money income in a certain period of time and filter it by method of payment, branch office or your employees. Export the report to PDF.

View all transactions made from online booking. View all transactions entered by your subagents.

Supplier invoices

Enter supplier invoices into the iTravel so you can automatically know the earnings and expenses on a certain tour or reservation.

Cashier reports

iTravel has a support for easily creating cashier reports.

Create daily, weekly, monthly or any other reports. The amount of money in all transactions is summed up by the method of payment.

Export the report to a PDF document in multiple languages.

Customer balance

Use the customer balance report to track all customers that are late with payments. See the amount of all financial claims towards your clients.

Multiple currencies support with exchange rate

Automatic currency conversion is built into the iTravel system. It is possible for you to define the exchange rate that your company will be working with.

It is possible for the iTravel system to read the exchange rate from a certain bank exchange rate feed every day.

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