FIT tours

Link existing travel products and promptly create a tour

Easily pick out travel products you want from the system and create unique packages for your customers. By selecting activities, accommodations and transfers, you can create different combinations and make packages that customers will remember.

Create departures

Set daily departures that can be bought on any (or a specific) day of the week. You can also add fixed departures where you sell predefined dates of travel.

Dynamic price calculation is done automatically

Prices for the tour are calculated automatically. They are taken from the components that are linked with the tour. It takes everything into account (pricing seasons on the travel products, rates from the database, maximum capacity rules, etc.), so you don't have to worry about getting the price right!

See iTravel in action!
Let us show you how iTravel works in real time. We'll go through all the activities you would use on a daily basis, and show you any features you might be interested in.