Profit and loss

iTravel allows you to easily compare your expenses and your revenue.

Create profit and loss reports to see how your company is doing. Filter them out per accommodation or per tour and use that information to negotiate better net prices next season.

Filter the profit and loss report by customer, so you can easily see which of your subagents were selling your products the most.

Profit and loss reports per destination can be useful to see which destinations are most popular, which part of your advertising strategy is good and which part needs a little more work.

Services usage

Create a report that shows which guests use a certain service (e.g. insurance, ski pass...) in a certain period.

Find which services are most attractive to your customers.

Instantly calculate the revenue that a certain service created for your company.

Number of reservations

Easily get information on how many reservations have been made in the iTravel system in a certain month.

Monitor how many inquiries have been made online and how many of those have actually been converted to bookings.

Monitor the inquiries and the conversion to booking rate for each travel product in your iTravel system.

Number of nights

iTravel lets you analyze the number of nights spent in a certain accommodation. It gives you a full analysis of the occupied beds and vacant beds per accommodation in a certain period.

Use this report to display your statistics to your suppliers and negotiate a better net price.

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