Reservation management

Store your customers' requirements into the system

Customers have a lot of wishes and when they give you their trust, they expect a great service in return. This system allows you to store their requirements and transform them into a reservation with all data they want.

Use our powerful search engine to find the desired travel products

The system allows a quick and easy search of your travel products. After defining parameters, find available products and book them with a single click. All the prices, discounts, supplements and special offers are calculated automatically. You can either search your travel products or products from a 3rd party system.

Create reservations for ad-hoc products

If you are missing a product you can sell it without entering it in the system. So, if your customer wants a hotel you usually don't work with, you can make a reservation with ad hoc prices and give them the vacation they want.

Centralize your travel data

Centralized data helps you organize the entire reservation process and provide you with all relevant information. You can see the paid amount, selling price, expected profit, customers, travel dates, travel product information and more, for every reservation, all of it in one place.

Take control of the reservation workflow

It is important to control the complete customer experience, managing reservations and tracking them from your B2C and B2B website. An integrated solution helps you to stay in charge of your customers pre-sale, sale and post-sale process.

Effectively collaborate on travel bookings and work as a team

Allow your employees to have access to reservation making and all booking operations. Make their work organized and more efficient. Creating different departments or assigning reservation to different employees can also let you see the entire business process in your company and help you take actions or make neccessary corrections.

Add and track customer payments

Track your customers’ payments and be on top of the cash flow in your company. The system gives you an overview of all reservations that were not paid on time, as well as the paid and remaining amounts. It is also possible to see all transactions made between you and your B2B and B2C customers, all in one place.

Use powerful filtering to find the wanted reservations

Use filters to instantly find the reservations you want. Track reservations that are not paid on time, view all reservations made by a single travel agent, view reservations with a specific check in and check out date, etc.

Track your communication with your customer

Get to know your customers and avoid mistakes when communicating with them. You have the option to send all emails directly from within the system and see the whole communication history. Having everything centralized in one place can be very helpful when more employees are working with the same customer or on the same reservation.

Track activities performed on a reservation

Each reservation has an audit trail so that your employees can see previous actions. If they change something, that change is visible and no misunderstandings can happen. The audit also shows a preview of price change, status change, documents creation or e-mail sending.

Create templates

When having many similar reservation requirements, you don't need to re-enter this information every single time. You can make a template out of a reservation and reuse it later for other passengers. This saves you time and makes your process better.

Multiple payers

On a reservation, multiple payers can be added and different amounts can be assigned to a single payer. Documents can also be created for each customer that is defined as a payer. Another words: each payer can get his own offer or invoice, etc.

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