Sell your entrance tickets, walking tours and one day excursions

Create fun activities to fill out your customers’ vacation making it an unforgettable experience for them. With this wide range of possibilities, your itineraries will be more fun. Enter prices, main services and descriptions.

Be competitive and enter group prices

Sell your activities to large groups of people by giving them prices they cannot refuse. You can also use different tools for mathematical operations which help you calculate (e.g. 10% lower prices), saving your time and avoiding manual work.

Add additional services rates

Add additional services as mandatory or optional. Define prices as fixed amounts or as a percentage of the basic service price. You can issue a separate voucher for each additional service or supplement by defining the supplier of this service.

Load child rates

Children rates can be stated as a specific price amount, discount amount or even a percentage discount. When adding prices, you have the ability to define parameters for each child rate (e.g. which room this price is valid for, with whom the child needs to be in order to get the child rate, etc.), which helps you to be precise and avoid mistakes.

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Let us show you how iTravel works in real time. We'll go through all the activities you would use on a daily basis, and show you any features you might be interested in.