Working with incoming and outgoing groups

You want your passengers to rely on you by helping them organize an excursion, taking care of their stay and experience. It doesn't matter if they are an incoming group or an outgoing group, with this system you are on top of everything that's happening with the customers, suppliers and travel agents that work together in order to make this trip happen.

Sell B2B and B2C groups

It doesn't matter if you're working with end-customers or travel partners; The system gives you the option to sell your created groups in both ways. You can automatically sell your B2C group on your website.

Define different departures

Define the number of days that this group trip lasts and add different dates of departures. No need to enter everything all over again if you have 7 departures over the year. Just copy the group you created and change the dates. All of the data stays the same which saves you time.

Create planned groups

Planned groups are used when sending offers to your B2B clients. Create different possibilities for your travel agents, send them a quotation for all planned groups. When they pick one, it is easy to change this planned group into an active one and start selling immediately.

Link travel products and create a group

Use existing travel products (hotels, activities, meals, city tours, etc.) to create a group calculation. If you have group prices, the system automatically calculates the price depending on number of people (taking FOC persons into consideration as well). Aside from accurate prices, descriptions of the selected services are also taken, which allows you to manage itineraries in a faster and better organized fashion.

Add ad-hoc prices to a group

Sometimes you don't know which hotel your group is going to stay in, maybe you don't have this hotel in your database or maybe you just don't have time for uploading travel products into the system at the moment. Ad-hoc prices and services can also be added to a group calculation.

Calculate net costs and stay on track

When managing a large group of people, it's easy to get lost in the costs when your system doesn't have an overview. This system summarizes all items of a group calculation and shows the net price. You have the option to round the selling price or add a margin.

Different prices for different group sizes

When creating the calculation for a group trip, you can define different net and selling prices depending on the group size.

Add FOC rules

Define a number of people that will travel free of charge for your customer. The expenses that cover those people will be calculated automatically and equally distributed over other passengers.

Additional services and supplement rates

Groups have a lot of different additional and supplement services you want to give your passengers (e.g. travel insurance, supplement for single use, airport fees, castle lunch, etc.) Add these as mandatory or optional.

Manage flight/bus seat allocation

Manage seat the allocation for each group by using the drag and drop option. It's easy and simple to use. You can also export the list into a word or excel file and send it via email.

See iTravel in action!
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