Import from Amadeus or Galileo

Add flight tickets from Amadeus or Galileo to any reservation

Integrating with global distribution systems will provide a lot of benefits like easy connectivity, instant updates, best pricing, etc. With this option, you can have your business centralized and consistent. Import flight tickets from Amadeus or Galileo thus creating new reservations (or adding them to existing ones).

BSP reconciliation

Upload your flight ticket invoices and compare them with net prices of flight tickets issued. This helps you check if all data is entered right for all of your supplier invoices and gain a better overview, making it easier to spot any mistakes that might have happened upon issuing flight tickets to your customers.

Predefine fees for different customers

Store your customer profiles in the system and automate the application of different pricing policies for different corporate customers. You can also have different prices for international and domestic flight tickets.

See how profitable ticketing is

Each piece of information may be relevant to the management, but it only becomes valuable to the overall business and decision making process, when its meaning is interpreted. Having import from Amadeus or Galileo allows you to get reports on the number of flight tickets you sold, helping you identify goals, plans and targeting.

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