Integration with 3rd party suppliers

3rd party suppliers

Get the best available prices by combining different sources

The best way to be competitive and give your customers the best price possible is to have as many connections with 3rd party systems as you can. With this service you can have the best possible rates on a worldwide range of high quality accommodation and transfer services, car hires, attraction tickets and excursions. Combining different sources into a unique travel experience is the guarantee of your service.

Book directly from within iTravel user interface

Booking directly from iTravel is an advantage by having everything you need for your business in one place, with all familiar actions and options. It is importan to be consistent. Give your employees the possibility to easily see the latest last minute deals, promotions and news.

Save money and time by extracting top value from 3rd party systems

Supply chain management is crucial for travel business. Connecting your company with the best 3rd party systems allows you to focus on your core competencies and become more flexible. Flexible actions and decisions save you money and time which is the most important thing for a business to succeed.

Order custom 3rd party integration

By having global distribution connectivity, travel agents, customers and corporates across the world can view and book flight, hotel, tours and transfers on 24/7 basis. If you have a need of a custom 3rd party supplier, let us know and we will make the integration happen!

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