Create a meeting, conference or event

With our system you can create a meeting, conference or event in just a few steps. You can add participants through the back office or online booking B2C/B2B.

Define prices for event feesand early bird event fees

Define different fees for your customers (and the persons accompanying them). Be competitive and sell your fees with the help of some early bid actions.

Sell accommodation, transfer and extra activity

Beside fees, you can also sell accommodation, transfer or activities to your customer. Define what else you want to sell and increase your income by giving your customers a full service.

Offer online participant registration

Integrate any conference web site with our booking engine and offer online participant registration. Participants can book conference fees, extra services like accommodation, activities, etc.

Group registration supported

Instead of sending Excel files to corporate companies, you can send them the online registration form where they can fill out participant details, desired fees and accommodation for the entire group

Multiple payers supported

When booking a meeting, conference or event online, you can define multiple payers by just ticking which item is going to be paid by which payer. This is very helpful for some business people and companies they work for.

Participant list

Use conference report tools so that you can manage and export the participant list (word or excel) and send it to your suppliers.

Look into the additional services list

With the help of our system, you can easily see which passenger is using which services. You can also filter this by service names and see people using a particular additional service. This can be helpful when contacting your suppliers and partners.

Allocate different sets of rooms for the conference

You can define different groups of allotments and link them with desired conferences. This way you can separate rooms that are to be used for conferences from those for individual bookings.

Use markets to create multiple price lists for travel products

Having different prices for travel products during the conference is also supported. It’s easy to upload a special price list that is dedicated for the conference only.

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