Resell 3rd party travel products

If you want to enhance your offer and provide your customer with more travel services and products, it has to be fast and simple. With the help of this system, you can upload a tour or a package in just a few steps.

Creating departures

Set daily departures that can be bought on any (or a specific) day of the week. You can also add fixed departures where you sell predefined dates of travel.

Define package prices in just a few steps

Create price lists for different seasons. The interface is simple and it requires only basic information to be entered. Add additional services for the package or prices for children.

Enter additional services and supplement rates

Add additional services that will be mandatory or optional. Define prices as fixed amounts or as a percentage of the basic service price. You can also issue a separate voucher for each additional service or supplement by defining the supplier of this service.

Give your youngest customers special child rates

Children rates can be stated as a specific price amount, discount amount or even discount percentage. When adding the prices, you have the ability to define parameters for each child rate (e.g. which room this price is valid for, with whom the child needs to be in order to get the child rate, etc.), which helps you to be precise and avoid mistakes.

Manage number of seats and packages the way you want to

Easily define the number of seats available for a package. You can sell a specific number of seats you have, provide it on request or define it as unlimited - you decide how you want to sell it!

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