Transfer and Rent-a-car

Create One and Two way transfers

Make your customers' vacation easier by providing them with transport services. You can define if it's a one way or a two way transfer simply by selecting the transfer type.

Add pick up and drop off locations

When you define whether the transfer is a one way or two way transfer, you can select the pickup and drop off location for each reservation. There is also a place you can use to add notes if a customer has specific wishes or orders (e.g. a city tour or a sandwich in the car).

Define prices for an individual transfer and rent-a-car service

Because of the variety that transfer and rent-a-car vehicles come in, you can give your customers the option of renting other types of vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters. This is also available in our system. Defining prices for all of the transfer and rent-a-car types is done with just a few mouse clicks.

Define take over and return location

When dealing with take over and return locations, you can enter every location where the rent a car company has its shop and where your customers can pick up and drop off the car. The customers can also select the exact location of the rent-a-car on the internet and see all of the options you're providing them with.

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