Data import

Import reservations

iTravel system makes it easier for you to switch from your current system by importing all reservations that exist in your current software. Export data from your current software in CSV format and import reservation details like total selling price, net price, travel dates, payments, status, creation date, customer and all other important details.

Import customers

It is important to have all your customer details centralized. Export data from any other system to CSV format and import customers into the iTravel database. You can import B2B or B2C customer details like name, id, type, address, e-mail, phone, fax, mobile, city, country etc. Imported customer details can be linked with appropriate reservations.

Import passengers

When importing reservations you can also import passengers and all passenger details in order not to lose important information for your marketing department. You can import passenger details like passenger name, birth date, birthplace and passport number. Any passenger property that does not exist in iTravel system can be easily added to iTravel by using the custom fields feature.

Import bank payments

Save your time by importing bank payments from your banks XML file to the iTravel system and link payments with appropriate reservations by using the reference number.

Custom import

If you wish any other data to be imported like destinations, travel products, price lists, photos, etc., you should ask for a quotation from our sales department.

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