WordPress Plugin

Use WordPress plugin to build complex travel websites

Integrate iTravel back office and online booking engine with any WordPress travel website or use it to create a completely new website.

Build advanced travel product search

Use any travel product attribute to customize the standard iTravel search engine and build advanced travel product search so that your travel website visitors can search using detailed criteria like distance from the sea, distance from the ski lift, hotel name, service name, stars... Use WordPress plugin to allow your visitors to sort search results by any travel product attribute.

Fully customize the look and feel of your website

Hire any web design company to design your new travel website according to your needs. Use Wordpress plugin to integrate the iTravel online booking engine accordingly to the created website design and fully customize the look and feel of your search box, search results and travel product view.

See iTravel in action!
Let us show you how iTravel works in real time. We'll go through all the activities you would use on a daily basis, and show you any features you might be interested in.