Customer invoices and customer payments

Create advanced payment invoices, pro forma invoices and invoices

The system enables you to create different payment documents which have all necessary information included.

Invoice your travel agent for a specific period of time

Use filtering options to find the reservations you want. Select more reservations in a desired period of time and create one invoice for all of them. This option is useful if you are e.g. billing your travel agents once in a month.

Support for multiple payers on the same reservation

On a reservation, multiple payers can be added and different amounts can be assigned to a single payer. Documents can also be created separately for each customer that is defined as a payer. This way, each payer can get his own offer or his invoice, etc.

Automatically create invoices for many reservations

Use filtering options, select more reservations and create invoices for all of them. One invoice is created for each reservation so you don’t need to do it one by one, which saves you time.

Add payments to reservations and invoices

Post payments and always keep up with the transactions made with your customers. You have many options to enter payments in the system, so you decide which one is best for you.

Find reservations that were not paid on time

The system gives you the option to check reservations that were not paid on time. You can track those reservations very easily and contact your customers if needed.

Import bank statements

There is an option to import XML bank statements. This option will link payments you imported with the appropriate reservations by using the reservation reference number.

Payments and cashier reports

The possibility to display all transactions you want and to export them is good for your business overview. You can filter it through dates, branch offices, currencies or payment methods which gives you accurate transaction information.

Enter travel agents advanced payments

If your travel agents pay you in advance, you do not need to distribute that payment on each reservation. You can simply add a payment to a travel agent and later track its balance on Customer balance report.

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