Supplier invoices and supplier payments

Check your Supplier's invoices

Upload your supplier invoices and compare them with the net prices of travel products sold. This helps you check if all data is entered correctly for all of your supplier invoices and gain better control over any possible mistakes that can happen when issuing invoices to your customers.

See your actual earnings

Sometimes it is possible that the margin you have calculated upfront is not realistic. After entering supplier invoices, you can see your actual earnings, your upfront margin and real margin.

Track important due dates

You can define due dates for supplier invoices so that you see which invoices should be paid and when. It helps you not to be late on Supplier payments, which improves overall cooperation with suppliers.

Enter Supplier payments

The benefits of entering supplier payments are huge for your business. Enter supplier payments and keep track of the amount paid on each supplier invoice. Without centralizing this work there is a chance you can pay the same invoice twice or forget to pay at all.

Enter Supplier advanced payments

If you need to pay your suppliers in advance you do not need to distribute that payment on each Supplier invoice. You can simply add a payment to a supplier and later track its balance on Supplier balance report.

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