Profit and loss reports

Find out who the most profitable customers are

Using reports see which customers bring you greater value and focus on growing sales with your most profitable ones!

Find the most profitable travel products

Know what your customers want! When planning your future business, you can use this information to figure out which travel products are more popular on the market and which suppliers you're going to work with more in the future.

Get accurate reports by entering Supplier invoices

Enter supplier invoices to get accurate profit and expense reports. Each supplier invoice entered to the system gets you closer to the correct profit and expense amount.

Branch office reports

If you have multiple branch offices in your travel company, you can set up those offices in the iTravel system. This option helps you track the performance of each of them and see which branch office is bringing you the most profit (as well as the ones that should somehow be improved).

Department reports

With the option of creating different departments it's easy to segment your business (e.g. ticketing, corporate, incoming, outgoing, transfers...). Department reports give you a performance and profitability overview so that you see possible improvement space.

Tour and group cost breakdown

It's important to know the profitability of tours you are selling and tour costs per supplier. Cost breakdown reports give you an overview of predefined costs of each component of the tour, which you can compare with real costs after loading supplier invoices.

Most profitable destinations

Track your most profitable destinations and manage your business offer depending on these results. You can use this information to target ads to your most profitable geographic locations.

Most profitable periods

See what time of the year is most profitable. This helps you create different strategies and marketing actions for less preferable periods of the year.

See iTravel in action!
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