Sales reports

Supplier performance reports

See what suppliers you have the best contracts with and which relationships could be made even better. Supplier reports can help you easily spot those suppliers that you could ask for a better commission based on your sale results.

See the number of created reservations

The system gives you the option to see what periods of the year are the best for selling your travel products. Create reports that show you the total number of reservations in a specific period of time or see the number of reservations for each month of the current year and compare it with the previous year.

Track number of nights

Track the number of nights your passengers spent in each accommodation or each destination and see which places are mostly preferable by your customers.

Bestselling periods of the year

See what time of the year is most profitable. This helps you create different strategies and marketing actions for less preferable periods of the year.

Payment method overview

With different filters you can see which payment method is used the most when customers buy your travel products. This information can be taken into account when planning margins policy because of the different commissions and fees you have to pay for different payment methods.

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