Customer Sale reports

Customer relationship management

See your customer's purchased history of traveling with your agency and build a relationship with them. Our system helps you define passenger’s categories so that you can better target your marketing.

Grow a strong relationship with your customers

Give your customers a unique experience so that they always come back to you. Personalized relationship with your customers is the future of your business.

Increase loyalty

Better service increases loyalty. Your customers’ information is key for a great service and an anticipated knowledge of their needs. By automating your sale process, you are working faster and faster giving information to your customers, which in turn makes them more satisfied.

Find out most popular and profitable destinations

See which destinations customers buy the most and how much profit each destination earns you. With that kind of information, you can form special offers in oder to sell even more travel products!

Target marketing to specific ages and genders

Knowing your target group helps you create an offer made just for them. Giving them the offer that fits them, you are giving them a better service and therefore increasing their loyalty.

See the most profitable additional services

With the help of our system, you can see which additional services bring you profit and which not, so you can make future decisions about the offer you are giving your customers.

Find out most profitable customers

Use customer sale reports to find customers that are most important for you and your business. Give them some additional value and motivate them recommend the brand to their family, friends and acquaintances.

Track your customer's buying habits

The system gives you your customers' purchase record, related notes and requirements they had. Track you customers and get to know them!

Get social with your target customers

Social media sites are the best for creating a long-term relationship with your target market. You can communicate with them and share valuable information. Use the option of sharing your travel products from your website and upsell your offer!

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