Descriptions, SEO and Google Maps

Multilingual description of your travel products

Reach global customers with multilingual SEO descriptions. This brings you better Google ranking and quality customer care giving them all the information needed.

Describe your travel destinations

Make your travel products even more beautiful by giving the customer as much information as you can. Beside travel products descriptions, you can to describe destinations where your travel products take place and make your search, preview and itinerary look even better!

Add attributes

Attributes are characteristics that define your travel products. Make your travel products desirable and load attributes that define your travel products with some details. Attributes can also be used for advanced search of your travel products.

Upload photos of your travel products

In the system it is possible to enter photo galleries for all of your travel products. Use this to present your products in a better light. Upload more photos at once, use the drag & drop function to reorder them. Our system creates thumbnails but also keeps original photos so that any photo resolution can be used.

Create User friendly URLs

Studies have shown that when a website updates their dynamic URLs to a static form, it’s easier to spot that web site on search engine results. Create user friendly URLs so that it is easier for your customers to share and remember your links.

Fill in the Description and Title for better Google ranking

Increasing relevant input on the site increases your SEO value. When defining your products in our system, there are several ways of improving their search engine optimization value. Define custom web site titles for the detailed overview of your product.

Locate your travel products on Google Maps

Our system is integrated with Google Maps. Define the location of your product and allow your customers to locate a travel product on the Google Map. Displaying search results on a Google Map is also supported.

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