Special offers, coupon codes and promotions

Give your customers free night special offers (7=6, 14=12...)

Create a free night special offer in order to increase sales of travel products you are offering to your customers. Each free night special offer can be recurred so that it automatically gives more free nights when a longer period is booked.

Early booking discounts

Create an early booking discount for any accommodation or tour you want. Define travel dates when an early booking discount is valid. Customers always enjoy seeing an additional discount.

Last minute offers

If your customers are looking for a great last minute holiday offer, why not give them this option? With our system, it's easy to create last minute discounts and great late holiday deals.

Combine more special offers

Our system supports combining more special offers, so that the customers get the best price available. You can choose what offers are combinable and also prevent combining some special offers if you want to.

Create coupon code and attract your customers

You can create coupon codes for your customers and potential customers in order to increase your travel product sale. There are no limits to the number of discount codes you can create. Each coupon code can be linked with a travel product and it can be used both in the back office and on the online booking.

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