Online booking B2C

Increase your current sales by selling travel products online

Allow your consumers direct access to your website for the purpose of sales and information access. It is helpful to be able to receive reservations 24/7. Providing your customers with a complete, easy and safe way to both book and pay for your products is a part of customer care policy.

Up sell your offer

Our booking system allows to easily offer additional services or extras so that you can provide your customers with a great experience. You are also improving your service by making it more professional, faster, more efficient and always connected to your brand.

Publish your travel product's descriptions and photos

Product descriptions at your clients' fingertips along with automatic photo galleries will put your product in the spotlight. Increasing relevant input on the site increases your SEO value.

Allow customers to search travel products

Our system allows your customers to search quickly and browse your products in order for them to find the holiday they like. It is possible to narrow down the search using various filters (name, destination, number of stars, travel dates, etc.) in order to make the process as easy and as accurate as possible.

Map search of travel products

Define the location of your travel product and allow your guests to find their way easier. The system is integrated with Google Maps.

Prices and availability preview

Depending on the search parameters, prices are automatically calculated and availability is checked. Your customers always have the accurate information on the product cost and misunderstanding is avoided.

Special offer prices for your customers

We have a full support for entering special offers. Special offer prices are calculated automatically in order to give your customer the best price possible. Special offers are displayed when browsing your products online, because customers always enjoy seeing an additional discount.

Create inquires or bookings and pay online

Creating reservations online and making online payments helps you expand your business by improving customer service, increasing profits and minimizing late payments.

Multiple languages and currencies supported

Your travel products data can be entered in multiple languages, so you can reach as many customers as possible. The price can be displayed in as many different currencies you as you want.

Dynamic packaging

Let your customers decide and create their customized dream vacation combining different travel products from your offer. You can have dynamic packages on your web site which enhances your travel business.

See iTravel in action!
Let us show you how iTravel works in real time. We'll go through all the activities you would use on a daily basis, and show you any features you might be interested in.