Passengers lists

Help employees manage passengers' arrivals

Let your employees see exactly where their passengers will be staying. Knowing that this information has been planned out in advance can help members of your team relax while on the road.

Create Rooming lists

Create a rooming list in Excel or PDF format and email it to your suppliers so that they can accommodate your passengers accordingly. Rooming list can display all passenger contact details and special demands or notes each passenger might have.

Create Flight/Bus lists

The flight/bus list contains necessary passenger details and any additional demands your passenger can have. You can provide your tour guide with all information he needs when loading passengers on board.

Create Transfer lists

Creating transfer lists helps you organize transport of your passengers from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. Use the transfer list to maximize the efficiency of your vehicles when transporting passengers.

Export passengers lists

Export passenger list to Excel or PDF file so that it can help you get an overview of participants on a tour or conference. You can also add new or change existing fields to enhance details about each passenger.

Track changes on rooming lists

If you have to email rooming lists to your suppliers every once in a while, our rooming list has a feature to show changes from last rooming list export. This way your suppliers can easily see new, changed or cancelled reservations.

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