Report reservations to suppliers

Create inquiries to check availability

Create inquiries in PDF and email them to your suppliers to check the availability of their travel products. The suppliers’ responses will be recorded in the system.

Notify suppliers about individual bookings being confirmed

Create supplier confirmations and let suppliers know when the passengers are coming. Send the confirmations directly from the system.

Create Group supplier reports

If you have a need to report more than one reservation to a supplier at once, our system can help you create such a report.

Create Group vouchers

Group vouchers can be created and provided to your tour guides so that it can help them get appropriate services upon arrival.

Communicate with suppliers and avoid mistakes

When interacting with suppliers, professional and efficient communication can make a big difference. You have the option to send all emails directly from the system, see the whole communication history as well as to create multiple mailboxes for different departments (e.g. operation department). Save important notes and information about your customers and travel agents.

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