Online booking B2B

Login to B2B booking area

Your travel partners can log in to your B2B booking area and access the history of all reservations that were made, view transactions and confirm bookings, download documents and view the payment balance. You get notified about each action a travel agent takes in the B2B area, so that you can track it accordingly in the back office.

Searching travel products

This module is simple and requires only a few clicks to search for travel products, make a quotation or book a service. Your travel agents can see hotels, tours, activities, excursions and transfers with the prices you created for them.

Reservation overview

Your travel partners can have an overview of reservations made in your system. They can see the status of each reservation and can change it accordingly.

Documents download

Your travel agents can save your (as well as their own) communication time by downloading all documents created for reservations they made in the B2B booking area.



The system gives your travel agents an overview of all transactions made, which helps them avoid delays and pay you on time.

Support for multiple user logins

You can create as many user logins as you want for your travel agents, which helps them book faster and download documents without wasting time on calling or e-mailing. It also helps you keep track of each action made by any individual travel agent’s employee.

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