Supplier extranet (B2S)

Make the communication with your suppliers more efficient

The Business to Supplier module allows you to provide your suppliers with online access to different products they can manage themselves. It is possible to allow them access to your system. Suppliers can then take care of the products you buy from them, in order to provide you and your customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The possibility to update net prices and special offers

The system allows your suppliers to update their price lists in your system. Therefore, you do not need to contact them or enter every change manually. Once the suppliers change the price list, the new price list is automatically used when creating new reservations. They can also load the latest special offers making your offer competitive immediately.

The fastest way to get stop booking information

Your suppliers can enter the stop booking dates directly into the system. This will stop you and your travel agents to create any more reservations in that period and you'll avoid mistakes or delays.

Save time by letting them load the newest descriptions and photos

Suppliers can enter descriptions and photos to present their products in the best way possible. An unlimited amount of photos is allowed when creating automatic photo galleries. Descriptions can be added in several languages to provide international support.

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