Customers and Travel agents management

Keep your customers' and travel agents' records

Good business records help you manage your business and make business decisions. With the help of these records, you can see with whom you want to work more (or less) in the future, who is reliable and who is problematic. Save important observations and notes for your customers and partners.

Use markets to define commission rules for travel agents

Group your travel agents into different markets and set them up with different commissions. It is possible to assign as many travel agents as you need to a certain market. This will allow those travel agents to buy from you at specific market price. Add a single travel agent to more markets and the best price will be given to him.

Centralize and increase communication quality

When interacting with clients, professional and efficient communication can make a big difference. You have the option to send all emails directly from the system, see the whole communication history and to create multiple mailboxes for different departments (ticketing, hotels department, etc.). Save important notes and information about your customers and travel agents.

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