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Creating a package tour is a complicated procedure because it involves coordinating various suppliers, tight time scheduling and complex pricing – and that's provided everything goes according to plan.

iTravel is a packaging software for tour operators which simplifies the way you create, manage, book and sell various kinds of tour packages. With iTravel you really can do more work in less time.

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With iTravel you can...

  • Create simple or complex travel packages

    You can create a one time package which contains a simple transfer and an accommodation, but you can also create an advanced dynamic package with different transfers to choose from, multiple departures, various accommodations and optional or required activities. In any case, the system makes it easy for you to define all the details of your offer.

  • Define advanced pricing lists

    Travel product prices tend to be complicated because they depend on the season, passenger age, supplier discounts, etc. Now combine a few of those products into a single package, and it gets really complicated. Not so with iTravel.

    Once you define all your and suppliers' travel products in the system, it will automatically calculate all the prices for a tour package. It will take into account the number of passengers, the current season for each travel product, group discounts, and even dynamically recalculate prices in case of client drop off. This will save you a lot of time.

  • Sell to your partners or directly to customers

    iTravel is an all-in-one system, which means it can do more than simply create package tours. You can use it to sell your offers directly to customers, create and manage reservations, issue invoices and other documents, and keep track of payment information. Additionally you can define prices, commisions and discounts for each of your partners, and when you create a new tour package, prices for them will be automatically calculated.

  • Book online

    Our system features a full-fledged online booking engine. That means you can publish and sell your offer directly on your website. This includes dynamically packaged tours, so your customers can select the package features they want and then book, and all the data will be automatically entered into the back office module of iTravel.

    There's also a B2B online booking module which enables your partners to search through your travel product listings and book them directly from the web interface.

If you'd like to know more about the specifics of iTravel software and how it can improve your business, feel free to schedule a quick presentation and we'll show you everything you want to know.

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