Reservation system

Reservation system for travel agencies

iTravel is advanced reservation system that combines back office, online booking (B2C) and partner booking (B2B).

Use it as
  • Back office for your travel agency to automate all booking processes
  • Online booking reservation system to publish your catalogue on the web to increase sales
  • Partner booking reservation system to allow your partners to book easier

Tour operator reservation system

With iTravel you can create advanced travel tours by combining all of your travel products (accommodation, buses, flights) listed in your catalogue.
Defining tour selling price is completely automated.
System calculates all net prices from services added in tour, and you simply need to add margin to define selling price.

Use iTravel reporting features to get rooming, flight and bus lists in electronic format.
Get better insight into your business by creating reports by your travel agent, destination, country, period ...

Centralized reservation system

iTravel is completely centralized online travel reservation software, so all the bookings, documents and passengers are in one place, in one system.
Your travel agents could access any reservation or document from within any of your branch offices. They only need computer and internet access.

Web reservation software

iTravel is web based reservation system (hosted in the cloud) so you can access it any time from anywhere.
It is hosted in several data centers around the world and all the data is backed up every day.

See how iTravel can help you Automate your business and Increase your Sales!