Technical support

We provide assistance to users of the iTravel Software. Our technical support services help you to solve specific issues with the system. Technical support may be delivered over the telephone, by e-mail or live support software on our website.

Also, we maintain an extensive knowledge base on our support portal where customers can browse through how to guides and helpful articles about using iTravel.

Our technical support is subdivided into 3 levels. The reason for providing a multi-levelled support system is to provide the best possible service in the most efficient possible manner.

Level 1

Our Level 1 support is the initial support level responsible for your basic issues. This support level analyzes the symptoms and identifies what you're trying to accomplish so that time is not wasted. This team helps you with general and basic questions, but also collects information that is useful for Level 3 support.

Level 2

Our Level 2 support consists of trainers and educators that solve your „How to?“ questions. If your employees need further assistance on some questions regarding data upload, document creation, special offers etc., Level 2 support gives them the help needed.

Level 3

This is the highest level of our support model responsible for handling the most advanced and complex issues. These individuals are experts in their field and are responsible for not only assisting both Level 1 and Level 2 personnel, but with the research and development of solutions to new or unknown issues. This team can analyse the code and data using information from Level 1.

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