Training and Consulting

The most important goal of our training is to map your business processes to the iTravel Software. We provide an individual approach because we understand that your travel business is unique!

After the initial meeting and getting to know the business process in your travel company, we create a customized training schedule that matches your needs. Trainings are held in English, Croatian and German language, and are divided according to different departments in your travel company. After the training sessions, your employees get to know iTravel Software better through a practical test where our trainer guides and helps them better understand the system.

The trainings are not generic, we always give our clients the best training possible by taking examples from their business world (your hotel price list rates, your excursions, your transfer rates, etc.). We provide pre-training, training, and post-training support. Because of that, the quality of the knowledge shared is on a high and professional level.

With our trainings, you will be able to:

  • Map your actual business processes to the travel software
  • Understand how the new software is intended to be used
  • Understand how the new software will work in real life situations
  • Understand how the new software will provide the benefits you require

See iTravel in action!
Let us show you how iTravel works in real time. We'll go through all the activities you would use on a daily basis, and show you any features you might be interested in.