Tour agency back office system

Your back office is the the backbone of your business so it makes sense to make it as reliable and efficient as possible. iTravel, our travel back office software, was built from the ground up for exactly this purpose. With iTravel you can:

  • automate most of your repetitive day to day tasks
  • manage your travel product inventory
  • gain granular insights into your business performance
  • enable partner and reseller booking online (B2B booking)
Backoffice of a company

iTravel features at a glance

  • Task automation

    iTravel automates a lot of tasks both in the back office and the front office. This includes creation of documents like offers, confirmations, inquiries, invoices etc. Itineraries, vouchers, passenger lists are also created automatically. Our software also has a comprehensive price definition module, which takes into account different seasons, different buyer discounts, room combinations/supplements, special offers, children rates, etc.

    Once the prices are defined, they are automatically calculated on each subsequent reservation. This means a complete dynamic packaged tour pricing will be calculated in real time.

  • Travel inventory management

    Once you define your travel products in our system there's a lot of information you can enter about them. For example you can define complex price lists, availability, edit descriptions along with maps and photos, SEO information if you want to publish the offers online, etc.

    With a properly defined travel inventory your front office activities become much more efficient because all the prices are now calculated on the spot, itineraries get created automatically, your online offers reflect your current statuses and more.

  • Data reporting

    Since all of your back office and front office data is centralized in the iTravel software, you can use it to create powerful reports and gain insights into the inner workings of your business. You can see your profits per different customers, resellers or suppliers. You can see commisions by suppliers, and how your sales affect your total revenue.

    The reporting also includes internal sources, so you could see which of your employees closed the most deals, and which created the most revenue. With our reports, you can gain valuable insights from your data and use them to drive future business decisions.

  • B2B online booking

    With our system you can give your partners an option to book your travel products directly from the iTravel interface. They will have the option of checking their reservations, transactions and other details, as well as booking any products you prepared for them at the prices you specified. Of course they won't have access to change anything in your system, and you will get notifications for any actions they did in the inerface.

    This way you can save yourself the time needed to present them with your newest offers, manage the availability and handle the documentation, beacuse it will all be done automatically.

If you'd like to know more about the specifics of iTravel software and how it can improve your business, feel free to schedule a quick presentation and we'll show you everything you want to know.

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